Buyer enablement matters more than ever

Accelerate sales and help your customers buy, with industry’s first headless buyer enablement platform.

Product demo

Showcase your product experience with self-contained interactive demo experiences.

Lightweight tool

Give your customers tools to be better informed and validate their research. 

Marketing collateral

Put on a show for your product and keep the communication channels open.

Sales demo

Remove friction and make your product tactile in a safe environment for you and your customers.


Make it easy for your customers to make comparisons and see your unique value propositions.

Sales, pitch deck

Invite your customers to be part of the stories; everyone loves stories in which they play a part.

Training material

Create the material once and use it 100 times and get feedback directly from multiple sources.


Present findings in a visual format that gets them the attention they deserve.

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Modular content

Personalize brand messaging for each segment, audience and down to individuals. Dynamic navigation path and flow based on predefined rules or leveraging AI and machine learning.

Interactive experience

Engage your customers with informative and interactive content. Delight your customers with visually stunning content.

Built-in data insights

Learn more about what your customers’ needs and wants with actionable data insights. Get notified when predefined events are triggered.

Digital asset management

Keep your valued digital assets safe and organized while aligning everyone on your teams. Manage and maintain content, assets, messages, rules, and events.

Today’s B2B customers demand more self-service, digital content to ease them through the buying process.


Your story, everyone's stage

What should you consider to maximize the impact of your presentation content and better engage your audience?

Make your product tactile

Enable your sales and marketing teams to tell better product stories using cross-platform product sales demos.

See how SalesFin can help

The industry’s first headless buyer enablement platform

Platform UI sample


Interact with your customers through content. Personalize any aspect of your interactive content for each customer with custom flows and messages.

In the know

Get notified when your interactive content is viewed, commented, shared, or when other pre-defined events are triggered.


Leverage AI and ML to personalize navigation flows. Modular content makes it easy to tailor the experience and storytelling for each persona.


Create content once and use it everywhere. Headless CMS allows you to build engaging enablement apps while maintaining content with ease.

JavaScript Library

Access a collection of reusable modules for faster front-end development


Deliver settings and content for your enablement experiences


Visualize what data means and what you can do with dashboards and reports

Digital asset management

Keep your valued assets organized, securely in the cloud or on your own server

Seamless integration

Include your enablement experience in your own tools and existing workflows

Custom welcome screens

Present your enablement experience with your brand and a personal touch

Screen recording

Share clearly what you see and how things fit together

Interactive annotation

Mark up anything and anywhere in your enablement app with text and visuals for effective communication


Start a conversation about anything and from anywhere in your enablement app with your customers

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